Day 2 Wrap-Up

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

Start Location: Porter's Gap, AL-77
Start Mile Marker: 52.4
Start Time: 0557 CDT

Major Waypoints:
Chandler Springs (55.7mi), 0648 CDT
Clairmont Gap (61.2mi), 0822 CDT
Adams Gap (67.8mi), 1020 CDT
Cheaha SP, AL-281 (79.1mi), 1420 CDT
Cleburne County Rd 24 (91.5mi), 17231 CDT
US-431 (96.7mi), 1852 CDT

End Location: AL-281/I-20 Overpass
End Mile Marker: 101.0
End Time: 2008 CDT

Elapsed Time: 28hr, 08min

Tough weather and tough trails = overall brutal. Warm, muggy, and windy all day as a major storm system came up from SSW but never rained the PTAR FKT Team (thus, no cooling effect). Today's route included the first half of the Mount Cheaha 50K course, then up and through the Cheaha Wilderness area, including the Talladega Mtn ridge.

Joining the team early in the day for pacing duties was 2x Pinhoti 100 finisher, John Nevels. In the afternoon they were joined by celebrity guest pacer, David Riddle (among other races, winner of the 2009 Rocket City Marathon and the 2010 Mountain Mist 50k). The guys had to finish off today's mileage under headlamps, an early example of sticking to the plan!

Check back all week: same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

Josh Kennedy
Crew Chief