Day 3 Initial Report

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

Just the bare-bones details for now, been working to re-arrange logistics and get second crew squared. It's past midnight and I've got to kick these boys out the door in a few more hours!

Start Location: I-20 Overpass on AL-281
Start Mile Marker: 101.0
Start Time: 0558 CDT

Major Waypoints (Rob):
US-78/FS500 (106.2mi), 0710 CDT
Pine Glen (119.8mi), 1130 CDT
Coleman Lake (127.7mi), 1305 CDT
Burns TH, County Rd 55 (136.1mi), 1510 CDT
N. Dugger Mtn/FS500 (144.9mi), 1744 CDT

End Location: CR-70/Maxwell Gap
End Mile Marker: 155.0
End Time: 2035 CDT
Elapsed Time: 62hr, 35min

Rob and Eric have now split up for the time-being with Rob pressing forward for a total of 54mi today, finishing the last 3-4 miles under headlamp; looking strong and smiling. Eric suffered blister/pain issues in the morning, but managed to regain some rhythm in the afternoon and get to the Burns TH on CR-55 (136.1) as the last light faded; truly a gutsy, sheer will day to keep moving.

Tough section of trail coming tomorrow for both: trust me, I've run every inch of it! Check back all week: same Bat Time, same Bat Channel....

Josh Kennedy
Crew Chief