Day 4 Wrap-Up

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

High and lows on thje PTAR FKT today. Finally have both runners and crews settled down here in Rome, GA for the night. It's past midnight and we've gopt work to do tomorrow! Rob Youngren had a successful day, aided by pacing from Scott Brockmeier through most of the afternoon's road section. Rob carried out our planned mileage plus an additional 2mi onto the Simms Mtn Trail (near Coosa, GA) just to grind out some more and slice some of tomorrow's big mileage goal; I paced himself over the final few miles using the last bit of daylight before and some headlamps before calling it a day; about 50.5mi for th day and now at 205.5mi into the adventure.

Eric Charette was just dogged by bad blisters all day, and my foot care and taping job can only go so far; those things were not good! Nonetheless, aided by the tireless Eric Fritz and smiling Joey Butler, Eric C made it the High Point (AL) Trailhead late in the day. He passed through (heck, OVER) some of the toughest stretches on the Alabami Pinhoti, all crammed into one day with feet that were not cooperating. Gutsy effort just to keep moving.

Start Location: CR-70/Maxwell Gap
Start Mile Marker: 155.0
Start Time: 0605 CDT

Major Waypoints (Rob):
High Point TH/US-278 (161.2mi), 0725 CDT
AL/GA State Line (171.2mi), 1101 CDT
Cave Spring, GA (182.6mi), 1420 CDT (1520 EDT)
Simms Mtn Trail (203.3), 1947 CDT

End Location: Midpoint of Simms Mtn Trail
End Mile Marker: 205.5
End Time: 2008 CDT
** [Keeping all times central just for use of calculation and record keeping]

Elapsed Time: 86hr, 09min

On Day 5, Rob will push up to High Point (GA) Trailhead and into the Chattahooche Nat'l Forest all the way to Snake Creek Gap, 52mi away. Eric's foot/blister issues is obviously slowing down his pace, so he will push over the state line tomorrow and down to Jackson Chapel Trailhead, then evaulate where he stands. I will remain with Rob, Eric C is in the capable hands of Eric Fritz and Joey Butler tomorrow.

Check back all week: same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

Josh Kennedy
Crew Chief