And So It Begins...

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

The PTAR team kicked off the adventure this morning with a 6am sharp departure from the Flagg Mtn Tower in Coosa County, AL. Low clouds covered the mountain, so whatever photos I post up later will be hazy, but at least photographic proof we were there! My oldest son, Matthew (10), is with us and having a grand time with dad, eating poptarts and milk for breakfast and exploring the Alabama countryside!

I am currently stationed in Weogufka, AL next to Caperton's Old South General Store and Pawnshop, with Confederate flags proudly flying. Yes, this place has character!

Once down the 2.7mi crummy dirt road off Flagg, these two studs will put in about 18mi of road running to a point just east of Sylacauga. Then while on the Trammel Motorway (FS600), then will turn off onto FS603A and trail the newly blazed (but not yet open) trail over Rebecca Mtn to Bulls Gap on AL-148.

I'll keep blog posts coming as able over a Verizon Wireless aircard, or check Eric's FB account as I'll send Twitter updates that will post to his account. Feel free to email or call and I'll give you real-time updates!

Josh Kennedy