Midday, 1 May 2010 (Day 1)

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

Just a quick update from Bulls Gap on the Pinhoti Trail (~34.3 miles). Rob and Eric rolled off the Rebecca Mtn section of the trail into the small parking area here off AL-148 about 1:40pm. Doing fine in the overcast, warm, muggy day; they are drinking plenty of fluids and minding the chafe-prone spots!

Next section is up and over the infamous Horn Mountain, site of many a melt-down during the Pinhoti 100 race! This 18mi section features great cliff overhangs and views west into the Sylacauga basin. I should be able to get my XTerra up the 4WD road and give them some aid about 12mi into this section. After that is the descent off the Pinnacle (via 24 switchbacks) to Porter's Gap on AL-77.

If you are watching the Google Terrain map on this site, keep in mind that the position update is sent via Eric's BlackBerry; thus the position is nearest/best cell phone tower and subject to some error (as much as 5000m straight line distance). If the Twitter feed is going on the side, whenever they hit the transmit button on the SPOT device, it will send a highly accurate position update with time stamp.

Josh Kennnedy