Day 1 Wrap-Up

Posted by posted by Josh Kennedy

Start Location: Flagg Mtn, AL
Start Mile Marker: 0.0
Start Time: 0600 CDT (sharp!)

Major Waypoints:
Weogugka Post Office (6.3mi), 0708 CDT
Cross US-280 (15.2mi), 0834 CDT
FS603A Trailhead (22.3mi), 0956 CDT
*Over Rebecca Mtn Trail instead of continuing road section via FS603/AL-148
Bulls Gap, AL-148 (34.3mi), 1349 CDT
The Pinnacle, Horn Mtn (46.5mi), 1720 CDT

End Location: Porters Gap, AL-77
End Mile Marker: 52.3
End Time: 1848 CDT
Elapsed Time: 12 hr, 48min

Just the facts for now, check on the audio blog from Eric. We are also archiving GPS tracks for documentation purposes, and will have details on the alternative route over Rebecca Mtn east of Sylacauga. Check back all week: same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

Josh Kennedy